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    Our Perfect Fit Blind Collection

    Why Choose A Perfect Fit Blind:

    Privacy – Perfect Fit Blinds fit flush to the window or door frame giving complete privacy from the outside world.

    Light Control – Due to their flush fitting nature, this also assists with greater light control as you can adjust the height to your preference.

    Thermal Efficiency – Perfect Fit Blinds help to keep the temperature down in the summer months and also keep the heat in your home in the winter months. They are perfect for keeping your household bills down and make for a great long term investment.

    Versatility – Perfect Fit Blinds are available in Roller, Roman, Vertical, Venetian, Wooden or Panel format so the style and finish can be adapted to suit your room décor.

    Space Saving – They take up minimal space as they sit within the window or door frame making for a neat and practical solution.

    Problem Solving – Awkward windows and doors with little space can be a problem for homeowners. Perfect Fit Blinds solve all of these problems and do not take up and wall or window sill space.

    What Is A Perfect Fit Blind?

    Perfect Fit Blinds are blinds that conveniently slot neatly onto your window or door frame without any drilling or screwing required.

    The blinds are attached to the window or door so move as one unit making them perfect for conservatories and Bifold Doors. They are operated by a tensioned bottom bar or a wand and are a perfect space saving solution.

    Our range of Perfect Fit Blinds are not only functional, they are stunning in design. We provide both modern and contemporary styles so you can choose the perfect blind for your room. The aesthetics of Perfect Fit Blinds puts them above everything else as they are neater, less hassle and also fully child safe.

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