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    Our Pleated Blind Collection

    Why Choose A Pleated Blind:

    Privacy – The fabric stacks up beautifully when the blind is open, but provides full privacy once the blind is down.

    Light Control – Easily control the flow of light by setting your pleated blinds to your preferred height which will adjust the room light level.

    Variety – Available in block colours and patterned finishes, there are hundreds of available designs to match your room perfectly.

    Durability – Pleated Blinds are much more durable than curtains and their design also allow them to be used in a number of rooms including the bedroom.

    Temperature Control – Pleated Blinds are fantastic are keeping heat in your home during those cold winter months and also reflecting sun rays to keep you cool in the summer.

    Versatility – Pleated Blinds can be operated manually, tensioned or motorised making them a very convenient window covering.

    What Is A Pleated Blind?

    Pleated Blinds are made from a pleated fabric and use a pull cord which then allows the blind to concertina itself and sit at the top of your window when fully opened. 

    Pleated Blinds are ideal for any homeowner looking for a practical blind that is very simple to operate but has a textured look and feel. They are space saving blinds that are very unobtrusive and deliver the results that you need.

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