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    Our Roman Blind Collection

    Why Choose A Roman Blind:

    Privacy – The fabric stacks up beautifully when the blind is open, but provides full privacy once the blind is down.

    Light Control – Easily control the flow of light by setting the roman blind to your preferred height which will adjust the room light level.

    Variety –  Our Roman Blind Collection offer a variety of fabrics, patterns and colours making them an extremely versatile choice.

    Ageless – Roman Blinds have been around for centuries and are still one of the most popular window coverings.

    Style Variation – Each Roman Blind offers a unique style and design so fit perfectly within your home. Both modern and traditional styles are available making them ideal for any setting.

    Energy Efficient – A Roman Blind allows you keep the heat in your home when fully lowered or out when the blind is raised making them ideal for temperature control.

    What Is A Roman Blind?

    Roman Blinds are manufactured using a fabric that is designed to pleat when the blind is raised.

    They are operated via a chain or cord mechanism which allows you to control the overall light level in the home. The fabric has a stunning even pleated finish when fully raised and provide a smooth and clear finish when down.

    There are a huge range of styles, designs and fabrics that can be used for a Roman Blind. They are an extremely popular choice and are often used as a curtain replacement. They are often seen as a combination of the two as they provide the same heat retention and blackout capabilities, but are neater and more space saving.

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