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    Our Vertical Blind Collection

    Why Choose A Vertical Blind:

    Privacy –Once the vertical louvres are angled closed, your window will be fully private from the outside world.

    Light Control –The flow of light into the room can be easily adjusted by setting the angle of the louvres or alternatively opening the blind.

    Design – They are perfect for mixing and matching as many of the finishes compliment one another. This will help the overall aesthetic of the home.

    Durability – Vertical blinds are extremely durable, but extra finishes are also available that increase the longevity of their overall look.

    Style Variation – Available in sloping and curved styles gives full flexibility when installing in those tricky spaces such as lofts or bay windows.

    Heat Reflective – Vertical blinds are heat reflective and also flame-retardant making them a great choice for keeping your room cool in the summer months.

    What Is A Vertical Blind?

    Without knowing, you will have seen Vertical Blinds before, you may just not know what they are called.

    Vertical blinds are extremely popular in both residential and commercial settings. They are composed of a series of vertical louvres which are positioned along a sliding track at the top. There are chains at the bottom to hold the louvres together making them slide in unison.

    The operation of vertical blinds is very simple, often operated by a wand. The cord opens and closes the blind whilst the wand operates the blinds rotation for the filtration of light into the room.

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