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Child Safety Blinds

Often overlooked when purchasing blinds is the safety of our children. It is a crucial part of blind installation and the team at Sapphire Blinds have the perfect solution for you.

We offer an extensive range of child safety blinds with safe and quality operating mechanisms.

The last thing anyone wants is for their child to be caught in a blind cord and having a potentially fatal accident. This is why we have a range of children friendly blinds with a number of different features to keep your loved ones safe.

Types of Safety Devices

Upon your consultation with our specialists you will be asked about your preference on child safety features depending on the blind you choose. Here is an outline of the types that are available to you:

  • Tensioned Cord – A tensioner cord is designed to eliminate the cord slack on the blind. When you take away the slack, there is nothing that a child can be tangled in. This also helps to keep the cord looking neat and tidy.
  • Cord Lock-Away – A cord lock-away raises the height of the accessible cord/beaded chain out of a child’s reach without hindering the performance of the blind. It can be used by pushing, pulling or rotating the rod.
  • Chain-Break Connector – A chain-break connector will break when undue pressure is applied on the operating chain. These can be repaired again once broken, and do offer peace of mind if you have toddlers present.
  • Gear Box – Tilt mechanisms are the encased gear enclosures mounted in the headrail, that operate the rotation of the slats, or vanes, by the twisting of a wand or the pulling of cords. The blinds can be adjusted as normal and eliminates all child risk.

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